Sunday, March 23, 2014

Memorable Video Game deaths...

This is one area I have a lot of experience in.

Dying in all sorts of ways in games.

Whether it's due to running into a Goomba or a Koopa in one of the Mario games, or getting impaled onto spikes in Little Big Planet Vita and every thing in between.

I do my best to try to avoid dying in a game... but it seems to follow me, no matter what I do XD.

One of the funniest deaths I've experienced in game was in a Mario game. I was playing as Fire Mario and I slid right off of the cliff. Was frustrated by it, but all in all... at least I still had more lives.

Another good one was when I got smashed by a giant/titan in God of War: Chains of Olympus... I had to push a giant log back onto him. But I wasn't fast enough, and he squashed me to death.

Other memories:

When I squashed by a ceiling full of spikes in Prince of Persia (Game Boy). Boy was that one painful...

Two Words: Angry Sun (SMB 3). One vindictive little so and so. And it sucked whenever he hit Mario or Luigi.

Same goes with Lakitu and his Spinys. Hated those with a passion.

Add in Bullet Bills, and you got one FUN time! There's nothing like getting hit by one of those! XD

Also, I accidentally jumped into a blanket of poisonous fog in Little Big Planet Vita. Boy did I feel like an idiot with that one...

So many fun video game deaths over the years...

How about all of you? What are some of the memorable ones you've been through?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Gaming memories...

I've been gaming since I was just a kid. Started out with the basics, a NES and Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. Got hooked on it and moved onto Super Mario Bros. 3. That one has stuck with me and is the one game in my collection that is the most memorable. Being able to go through such a varied landscape and face off against so many enemies made the game worth while.

Moved on as I got older to handhelds...

* A classic Gray Game Boy with a good selection of games, one of my favorites being Super Mario Land... made it all the way through this one, with the exception being the last boss. Still haven't been able to beat him.

* Game Boy Color -- this one was well worth it. Got me into more games.

* Game Boy Advance -- one of Nintendo's weak points, in my opinion. It didn't last very long. But it got me interested in the Golden Sun series, and I haven't looked back.

* Game Boy SP -- have one of these and it still works. Solid workmanship and it's backwards compatible.

Moved back to consoles in 2001/2002 (approx.)... bought a PS2. Love it and it still works nicely.

Got Draken: The Ancients' Gates for it along with Baldur's Gates Dark Alliance. Been getting more games for it as the years went on too.

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 -- rented this one years ago and really had fun playing it. Was lucky to find a good used copy of it.

Monster Hunter -- heard about this one and found it, tried it out and had some fun.

Myst III Exile -- got this one to see what it was like.

Summoner -- looked like a game that was worth playing.

God of War -- Tried this one out and liked the style of combat.

Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 -- heard about these two and was fortunate enough to find good copies of them. Pre ordered a copy of these two for the Vita and I can't wait to play through them on it.

Final Fantasy XII -- can't wait to play this one.

Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 -- a couple of my favorite PS2 games. Love the battling system and creativity in these two games and I hope that a third one will be made someday.

Primal -- I heard this one was good, so I found a copy to play though and try out.

Red Dead Revolver -- heard about this game before and wanted to give it a shot.

Got a Wii around 2006/2007 -- haven't regretted getting it either, it's just as fun and as sturdy as the PS2.

Just retired it (at least in regards to playing new games on it) this year, and got a Wii U. So far it's just as good a system, and I plan on getting a PS4 once any bugs and issues are worked out of it. Might even get a PS3 once the price drops some more. Even have Little Big Planet for it.

For right now though, the Vita I have serves just fine. I have LBP Vita for it along with God of War: Chains of Olympus. Would get more games for it, but memory card costs are just a little too high. But I do appreciate the fact that PSP games (at least for the most part) work on it. So it broadens the selection of games for the Vita that much more.

Am looking forward to making more posts about gaming and its future and I'm excited and proud to be a fan of not just Sony, but of Nintendo as well.